Sunday letters

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The famous trunks of the exile in New-York which contained Saint Exupéry couple’s files and particularly The Memories of the Rose, a huge library success, have not yet revealed all their secrets.

They contained among other treasures a little jewel untitled by Consuelo de Saint Exupéry herself: Sunday letters.

In spring 1944, Consuelo didn’t know yet that she would not see her husband again. The war has linked passionately the torn couple, and Saint-Exupéry, in North Africa and in Corsica, kept always in mind Consuelo, the “little bird from the islands” exiled in New-York. In her desire to keep a kind of virtual dialogue with Saint Exupéry, she will write to him on the love confidence mode, long letters that have never been sent.

Ritually every Sunday, before and after the death of “Tonio”, she will tell her pains and pleasures, her memories, her dreams and hopes, as a sort of diary…

The letters were abandoned few months after Saint Exupéry’s official death But in 1951 Consuelo started them again and every Sunday she renewed the dialogue with her husband, revived the memory, and saved from oblivion as she said, a legendary love story.

Editions Plon. 2001